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Collins Instrument Custom Machining at Collins Instrument CompanyCompany, Inc. of Angleton, Texas has been supplying high quality machined parts and products to the industrial marketplace for over 50 years. Our skilled machinists utilizing the most up-to-date equipment, produce close-tolerance, high-precision products for a wide variety of industrial applications. We offer the capability of producing replacement parts to existing equipment from sample parts or design drawings; or when necessary, our staff has the experience to custom-design and furnish "tailor-made" parts to the customer's own specifications.

Capabilities include High Precision Machining, Custom Design, Machining of Plastics and Exotic Alloys.

Products Include Plastic Control Valves, Exotic Alloy Tube Fittings/Miniature Valves, Valve Trim, Grounding Rings

Applications include Chemical Plants, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Pulp and Paper Mills, OEM replacement parts.

We offer:

 High Quality
 State-of-the-Art Equipment
 Over 50 Years Experience
 Competitive Pricing
 Skilled Craftsmen/Machinists
 Custom-Design Capability
 Quick Turn-Around
 Expert welding capability including certified TIG and MIG welding.

Our experience includes the machining of exotic alloys such as:

 Hastelloy B *
 Nickel 200
 Hastelloy C *
 Inconel 600 **
 Alloy 20 Cb3 ***

Collins parts and products are currently being utilized in a wide variety of applications from installations on the ocean floor to equipment that has orbited the earth. We have the experience to provide reliable parts and products according to your specifications.

* Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynos International, Inc.
** Inconel 600 is a registered trademark of the Inco family of companies.
*** Alloy 20 Cb3 is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology Corp.

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